3 Things You Shouldn't Consider When Choosing a Course Or Career.

Choosing a career or course for yourself is one of the most difficult task that will decide your future. If you get it wrong now, you will get it wrong forever. That’s why I will always advise anyone to think before choosing  a career/course that will determine your success in the future. When choosing a career pact you must have passion for that option.
So there are what you should not consider when choosing a career or course.
1. The Course is Lucrative: Choosing a career or course because it is lucrative is a bad start for you. Please don’t get me wrong, I didn’t say it is wrong to choose a lucrative career or course but all I’m saying is that choosing a course “just” because it is very lucrative in which you don’t have passion for is wrong. For instance, a student who is not good in Physics  and Mathematics  because of How Lucrative Engineering Jobs are he Opt in for Petroleum Engineering, That why you see most People writing Jamb Up to 5 time with out success in admission.  Be wise!!!
2. The course is Popular: A lot of students nowadays prefer to choose popular courses like medicine and Law simply because it is a popular course.  The truth is that there are a lot of doctors regretting why they opted in for medicine and surgery,  and this only happen when you choose a career or course for the wrong reasons other than having passion for the career or course. Courses like biochemistry, microbiology etc are very good courses to choose, why waste your time pursuing medicine and surgery that is always highly competitive.  Choose a career or course because you have passion and knowledge about it and not because it is popular.
3. Parent Decision : I have seen parents dictates for their children the kind of course they want them to study. Most times, they will want their children to study the course they studied in school or popular courses like medicine and surgery, law or banking and finance. This kind of situation can be so frustrating because I have once experience it , but how did i solve the problem? I had to sit my parents down and tell them that the course they want me to study is my weakness, that i will fail woefully in that course.  Pour your mind out to them,  make them see reasons why you can’t study the course. Take a decision today that will make you happy tomorrow because your family won’t be there for you forever.

From this I believe you have seen what you shouldn’t consider when choosing your academic Career or Course.

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