An Emotional Story of How a Daughter Breastfed Her Father Who Was Condemned to Death By Starvation

Before proceeding to this story of how a daughter Fed her dad with breast milk to survive him in prison,it is knowledgeable to note that this story is a true life story and has nothing to do with a sexual content.

This painting of a young woman breastfeeding an old man in a prison cell was sold for Euros 30 million.  The painting may look perverse but the story behind is from historical records.  The poor man was sentenced to "death by starvation" for stealing a loaf of bread during the reign of Louis XIV in France.  The woman was his only daughter and the only visitor to his cell.  She was allowed to visit him daily but was frisked thoroughly such that no food was taken in.  When after 4 months the man still survived with no weight loss, the authorities were perplexed and started spying on her in the cell and to their utter astonishment found her to breastfeed her father to the fullest sharing her baby's milk.  The judges then realizing the compassion and love of the woman for her father, pardoned the father and set him free.  This piece of history brings into focus how deep is a woman's compassion in our daily lives that men often tend to overlook.
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5 Ways To Stay Safe Incase A Peaceful Protest Turns Violent Or During A Civil unrest.

Protests are meant to be peaceful, however, there are cases when unscrupulous people hijack peaceful protests and endanger the lives of both protesters and passersby.

When situations like this happen, there are steps to take in order to ensure you are totally safe. Below are some steps to take to ensure safety according to Times Now:

Remain calm

Riots and protest can often result in volatile emotions and in case things go bad, you will have a tough time trying to think rationally. In such a scenario, it becomes vital to remain calm and focused to safely exit from the escalating situation. Remember, panicking increase stress which can be harmful in such a situation. The most favourable way would be to walk on foot and avoid confrontation with anyone during the protest.

Plan your movement

Planning your next move is a must during a protest, find assistance if possible. If you are not alone, stick with your family members/friends and try to move together. Reassure all your family members and friends so that there is a sense of calm in your group and the subsequent actions are better thought out.

Avoid using oils and lotions

Teargas is the most commonly used weapon during riots. Always avoid using oils and lotions, as it will absorb the gas. If there is the use of teargas, quickly wet your handkerchief using any bottle or source of water around you and cover your nose. Breathe as slowly as possible and remember it is a temporary weapon. Keep your head down or if possible wear a helmet to protect yourself.


Some protests or riots end up in a day but, some of them continue for days. In such a situation always carry essentials like a pepper spray, water, handkerchief and a small first-aid kit. These essential items can help you in a hostile situation.

Always have friends around

Avoid going to protests alone, with friends around you, it is easier making the right decisions. Also, you will always have someone to help you in case of health emergencies.


#EndSARS Protesters Highlight 7 Demands For Buhari.

Nigerian youths serve President Buhari a seven-point demand for an end to the #EndSARS protest. Photo as seen on Twitter
Nigerian youths, particularly the ones agitating for an end to police brutality, corruption and impunity, have highlighted a seven-point demand that must be met by the Presidency.

The list surpasses the former #5for5 demands, that was earlier submitted.

Over 13,000 youths have signed a petition on a website ( that advocates and empowers citizens from around the world to demand civic rights.

In the new #7for7 list, the protesters demand institutional reforms, cost of governance, constitutional reforms, education reforms, health reforms, youth affairs and public office reforms.

Read the full statement below


   That the 5-point demand to release arrested protesters, compensate families of victims, investigate and prosecute all reports of misconduct, proscribe SARS and review the welfare of police be implemented immediately.

However, we believe the systemic rot in the police is widespread across Government institutions. Therefore, we urgently demand immediate Institutional reform across all federal government institutions, agencies and parastatals, especially focused on national security.

The focus will be on improved welfare and terms of service for the police, military and all law enforcement agencies, provide body-worn cameras for operation, refurbished housing, health, academic and pre- and post-retirement life insurance policy for the rank-and-file personnel.

Also reforms on adherence to the laws guiding discipline and prosecution of erring servicemen this should be aimed at extinguishing all notions of impunity.


   We have watched over the years the waste associated with governing Nigeria. We have noted the duplication and unprofessionalism in the civil service and across all strata.

We demand an urgent budgetary framework with 50% capital expenditure and 50% recurrent expenditure in all appropriation bill.

We demand a drastic reduction in the cost of governance. We also demand that the national assembly, be first by streamlined into a unicameral legislative and be further stripped down to become a part-time job.

The huge salaries and benefits accorded them by the Revenue Mobilization, Allocation and Fiscal Commission (RMAFC) should be reduced to the barest minimum.


   There had been several constitutional reviews where youths were obviously absent. Whether by omission or commission or both, the time has come for an informed and progressive participation by the youths.

The Nigerian constitution as it exists presently does not serve all Nigerians. A more robust and engaged constitution designed and approved by all Nigerians will serve the nation.

We demand an urgent referendum within 90 days to begin the line-by-line review, reconstruction and upgrade of the extant constitution to be more functional for a 21st Century nation. The selection process for this referendum will have 50% young people under 60 nominated by their peers in a transparent, judicious and fair process.

We demand that credence be given to terms of citizenship over indigeneship and state of residence over state of origin.


  One in every five of the world’s out-of-school children is a Nigerian child. About 13.2 million Nigerian children aged 5-14 years are not in school. The impact of these numbers will be felt for generations.

.    We demand that a state of emergency is declared in the education sector and demand increase in the budgetary allocation to the educational sector by 50% and to double again within the next 24 months. This funds will be used to drive the education sector to provide affordable quality education to all citizens.

·       A certain percentage of this allocation should be devoted to granting scholarship to outstanding Nigerians without recourse to the tribe, religious or sex.

·       We demand a systemic overhaul in our curriculum and method of teaching to upgrade to a digital experience.

·       We demand that teachers should be incentivized to attract the best brains and should be standardized and professionalized.

·       We demand that the parent of any child not in primary school will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

·        We demand that there be an Annual independent external Audit of Fund allocation and project execution: from Government approval to disbursement across the ministry, which would further be used to publish at least an abridged Financial statement available digitally to ensure transparency.


   We demand that a state of emergency is declared in the health sector and demand increase in the budgetary allocation to the health sector by 50%

·       We demand mandatory health insurance for the vulnerable population in our society as NHIS is not doing enough to serve all Nigerians. We demand that adequate provision be put in place to protect the rights and privileges of physically challenged citizens in Nigeria.

·       We demand urgent attention to mental health and a fund to set aside to create more professionals.

·       We demand proper implementation of the National Health Act of 2014, including the Basic Health Care Provision Fund.

·       We demand that there be an Annual independent external Audit of Fund allocation and project execution: from Government approval to disbursement across the ministry, which would further be used to publish at least an abridged Financial statement available digitally to ensure transparency.


We have noted the giant strides made by Gen Z and Millennials across the globe. Many multi-billion corporations where founded by both generations. In Nigeria, it is extremely difficult for such to occur. The enabling environment viz-a-viz investors and lenders confidence, stable interest rate and manageable inflation are deficit in our dear nation.

 We demand that a state of emergency be declared in the ministry of Youths and Sports, Ministry of Science and Technology and the Ministry of National Planning. We demand that this should be adequately funded, sports academy should be revamped.

·       We demand the creation of the Youth development funds dedicated to growing the creative industries and agriculture.

·       We demand that the Not-Too-Young to run bill should be expanded to include–50% inclusion of youth under 40 in every cabinet in government.

·       We demand that the youth inclusion be monitored by the FCC as they currently monitor state inclusion and the NCDMB and other stakeholders partake in this action to protect our future.


·       We demand code of conduct reforms for all elected public office holders to have themselves and their children use public schools and public hospitals ONLY. Violation of which is immediate impeachment and recall.

·       We demand the immediate removal of immunity clause from public office holders to make them answerable to investigations at all times when and where necessary.

·       We demand the immediate resignation of every public officer found guilty of any forms of crimes and corruption step aside during investigation also.

·       Implementation of full digitization of the judicial process, prison decongestion reforms, with reforms drawn from past projects like the Uwais Report, Keyamo’s ministerial screening address, strict time limits to the determination of industries litigations, etc.

©  Nimot Adetola Sulaimon | PM News



End Police Brutality! End SARS!!

We are human beings before anything else.
Blood Flows In Our Veins. We Bleed too!!! "Protect & Serve Us NOT Extort & Kill Us."

Do You Have Families? Do You Feel? Do You Care? The next victim could be your brother, sister or child. It could be YOU!
That we're young, hustling and well to do, doesn't mean we are all criminals. You do not have any right to take the life an an innocent person.

How do you know a Yahoo Boy?
You checked thru our phones, saw mails and bitcoin wallet doesn't make us cyber-fraudsters. Do you even have the rights to check peoples phones? That's infridgement of privacy. I bet you didn't even know that, because you (policeman/SARS operatives) are not properly trained.

Ohh! because he refused to give you small change for a crime he didn't commit, you decided to arraign him or her for possession of illegal substances that you planted, you took powers into your hands and you decided to end a life. 💔

I love art, I paint my hair and sometimes I'm on dreadlocks doesn't mean I'm a Yahoo boy, neither does it make me a bad person. It's my lifestyle and I just want to feel good, look good and be happy. How is that a crime?

Nigerians Stand Up!!! Enough is Enough!!!
Stand Against Police/SARS Brutality!!!
Stand Against Briebery & Corruption!!!
Let's Stop All These Harrasement!!!
Let's End This Madness!!!
#endpolicebrutality #endsarsnow #endsars #endoppression #imusttalk 😠


The Importance Of 'U' in 'US' And 'US' in 'U.

A man, who regularly attended family meetings suddenly without any notice stopped participating.

After a few weeks, one very cold night the leader of that group decided to visit him.
He found the man at home, alone, sitting in front of a fireplace where a bright fire burned. 

The man welcomed the leader. There was a great silence.
The two men only watched the dancing flames around the logs that crackled in the fireplace.

After a few minutes the leader, without saying a word, examined the woods that formed the fire and selected one of them, glowing most brightly of all, removing it to the side with a pair of tongs. Then he sat down again.

The host was paying attention to everything, fascinated. Before long, the lone member flame subsided, until there was only a momentary glow & the fire soon went out.

In a short time what was previously bright light and heat had become nothing more than a black & dead piece of wood.
Very few words had been spoken since the greeting.

Before preparing to leave, the leader with the tongs picked up the useless piece of wood & placed it again in the middle of the fire. Immediately, the member piece of wood was rekindled, fueled by the light & heat of the burning coals around him.

When the leader reached the door to leave, the host said: Thank you for your visit and for your beautiful lesson. I'll return to the group soon.

Why is a group important? Very simple:

Because each member that withdraws takes fire & heat from the rest.

It's worth reminding group members that they are a part of the flame.

It's also good to remind us that we are all responsible for keeping each other's flame burning

And we must promote the union among us so that the fire is really strong, effective and lasting.

The group is also a family. It doesn't matter if sometimes we are bothered by so many messages, quarrels and misunderstandings*. 

What matters is to be connected. We are here to meet, learn, exchange ideas or simply to know that we are not alone. 
Life is beautiful with friends & family.

Let's keep the flame alive.

Now that's the importance of 'U' in 'US' and 'US' in 'U'.

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26 Life Principles (A-Z).

          A - ACCEPT
      Accept others for 
      who they are and 
      for the choices they 
      have made even if 
      you have difficulty 
      understanding their 
      beliefs, motives 
      or actions.

          B - BREAK AWAY
      Break away from 
      everything that 
      stands in the way 
      of what you hope 
      to accomplish 
      with your life.

          C - CREATE
      Create a family 
      of friends whom 
      you can share your 
      hopes, dreams, 
      sorrows, and 
      happiness together.

          D - DECIDE
      Decide that you’ll be 
      successful *&* happy 
      come what may, and 
      good things will find 
      you. The roadblocks 
      are only minor
      obstacles along 
      the way.

          E - EXPLORE
      Explore & experiment. 
      The world has much 
      to offer, and you 
      have much to give.
      And every time you 
      try something new,
      you’ll learn more 
      about yourself.

          F - FORGIVE
      Grudges only weigh 
      you down and inspire 
      unhappiness *&* grief. 
      Soar above it, and 
      remember that 
      everyone makes

          G - GROW
      Leave the childhood 
      monsters behind. They 
      can no longer hurt you 
      or stand in your way.

          H - HOPE
      Hope for the best 
      and never forget that 
      anything is possible 
      as long as you remain 
      dedicated to the task.

          I - IGNORE
      Ignore the negative 
      voice inside your head.
      Focus instead on your 
      goals and remember 
      your accomplishments. 
      Your past success is only 
      a small inkling of what 
      the future holds.

          J - JOURNEY
      Journey to new worlds, 
      new possibilities, is 
      mostly by remaining 
      Try to learn something 
      new every day and you 
      will grow in Knowledge.

          K - KNOW
      Know that no matter 
      how bad things seem,
      to be they will always 
      get better.
      The harshest Winter
      always follows the 
      Warmth of Spring.

          L - LOVE
      Let love fill your 
      heart instead of hate.
      When hate is in your 
      heart, there is *NO* room 
      for anything else, 
      but when love is in 
      your heart, there’s 
      room for endless 

         M - MANAGE
      Manage your time and 
      your expenses wisely,
      and you’ll suffer less 
      stress and worry. 
      Then you’ll be able to 
      focus on the important 
      things in life.

         N - NOTICE
      Never ignore the poor, 
      infirm, helpless, weak, 
      or suffering people.
      Offer your assistance 
      when possible, and 
      always your kindness 
      and understanding.

         O - OPEN
      Open your eyes and 
      take in all the beauty 
      around you. 
      Even during the 
      worst of times, 
      there’s still much 
      to be thankful for.

          P - PLAY
      Never forget to have 
      fun along the way.
      Success means nothing 
      without happiness.

         Q - QUESTION
      Ask many questions, 
      because you are here 
      to learn & be informed.

          R - RELAX
      Refuse to let worry 
      and stress rule your 
      Life, and remember 
      that things always 
      have a way of working 
      out in the end.

          S - SHARE
      Share your talent,
      skills, knowledge, 
      and time with others.
      Everything that you 
      invest in others will 
      return to you many 
      times Multiplied.

           T - TRY
      Even when your 
      dreams seem 
      impossible to reach, 
      try anyway. You’ll be 
      amazed by what you 
      can accomplish.

          U - USE
      Use your gifts to 
      your best ability. 
      Talent that is wasted 
      has no value. Talent 
      that is made into 
      efforts will bring 
      unexpected rewards.

           V - VALUE
      Value the friends and 
      family members who 
      have supported and 
      encouraged you and be 
      there for them as well.

          W - WORK
      Work hard every day 
      to be the best person 
      you aspire to be, but 
      never feel guilty if you 
      fall short of your goals. 
      Every *sunrise* offers 
      a second chance.

           X - X-RAY
      Look deep inside the 
      hearts of those around 
      you and you will see 
      the goodness and 
      beauty within. 

          Y - YIELD
      Yield to commitment.
      If you stay on track 
      and remain dedicated, 
      you will find success 
      at the end of the road.

           Z - ZOOM
      Zoom to a happy 
      place when bad 
      memories or sorrow 
      rears its ugly head.
      Let nothing interfere 
      with your goals. 
      Instead, focus on 
      your abilities, in 
      your dreams , and 
      a brighter tomorrow.

- Unknown


It's Never Too Late For Some Introspection.

"The exotic homes I built in Ibusa, Eleme and Lagos with about 30 rooms at the time of ignorance are dilapidating today, Over 40 other commercial buildings are unkept or uncompleted. 

The son I was busy acquiring all that for, is not interested and has started building his own empire. So am I the one that will start renovating and completing all that projects at over 60 years.? 

How many more years do you have to live, maybe 25 to 30 at the most, depending on God's wish, it could be less or more. So we must begin to realize the emptiness and folly of our ephemeral struggles, unhealthy competition and primitive accumulation of wealth. We must begin to change our psychology and perception of living." 

-Chief Fred Ajudua


The Billionaire Who Lost Everything.

This is a true life story of Nigerian billionaire, Femi Otedola on the day he lost everything.
Life was rosy for Femi Otedola until it took a sudden turn leaving him billions in the red. He had to start all over again.

In 2008, a shipment containing one million tons of diesel set sail, heading for the shores of Nigeria. The owner of the vessel, Femi Otedola, Chairman of Forte Oil, a petroleum and power generation company, had grown the company to one of the largest in Nigeria, with over 500 filling stations, according to Forbes. The growth had been rapid and profits were at an all-time high. Then disaster struck.

“I had about 93 percent of the diesel market on my fingertips. All of a sudden oil prices collapsed and I had over one million tons of diesel on the high seas and the price dropped from $146 to $34” —Femi Otedola.

That was only the beginning of his problems. The naira was subsequently devalued and interest began to skyrocket. When the dust settled, Otedola had lost over $480 million due to the plunge in oil prices, $258 million through the devaluation of the naira, a further $320 million due to accruing interest and then finally $160 million when the stocks crashed.

“I had two options, either to commit suicide or to weather the storm. I decided to weather the storm. I just knew it was a phase I had to go through. 

You see God prepares you for greater things and of course experience is the best teacher so I had to learn my lessons. I took the bitter pill”. — Femi Otedola

Otedola was now $1.2 billion in debt. He sought solace in the only thing that had set him on the path to discovering oil, destiny.

“You cannot compete with destiny, so it was my destiny to make billions every month and lose billions as well. I said to myself ‘I was not going to have friends and enemies, I was only going to have competitors.”

At the age of six, Otedola had already discovered his knack for business. He would provide manicure and pedicure services to his father and his friends and write them a receipt for payment. 

On his birthday, while all his friends wanted toys, Femi Otedola would ask his father for a briefcase instead. His father, Sir. Michael Otedola, as a former Governor of Lagos State, was a well respected man. But now, his son’s public fall threatened to destroy that name.

“After I lost the money, something that struck me was that my father had always been my role model in life and the first thing I had to do was to protect his name. He had a policy; honesty was the best policy, so I had to protect that name and his integrity.”

Just after the global banking crisis had struck, the Nigerian government established the Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria (AMCON) to buy up distressed loans. Otedola’s loan was sold to AMCON, by the bank he blamed for his challenges.

“Experience is the best teacher. I didn’t have a proper structure and I also put the blame on the banks for not advising me. All they were interested in was the profits. They were not interested in sustainability of the business, they were short-sighted and all they were interested in was throwing money at me. So they never advised me,” — Femi Otedola.

The banks had to shave off about $400 million from the debt leaving Otedola $800 million in the red. AMCON offered him a restructuring deal, which Otedola declined. He opted instead to repay what he owed and start all over again.

“So we got a reputable firm to value my assets. I had about 184 flats, which I gave up. I was the largest investor in the Nigerian banking sector, which I gave up, I was also a major shareholder of Africa Finance Corporation and I was the Chairman of Transcorp Hilton. I was a shareholder in Mobil Oil Nigeria Limited, the second largest shareholder in Chevron Texaco, Visafone and several companies which they valued, and I had to give up to repay the debt.”

Femi Otedola was left with just two properties, his office space and a 34-percent stake in African Petroleum, which he rebranded, to Forte Oil in 2010. 

In 2014, Otedola bounced back to reclaim his place on the FORBES rich list and currently has a net worth of $1.8 billion, according to the FORBES wealth unit. 

These days, he is much wiser; there are systems in place to prevent a similar collapse of his mammoth business empire.

According to the mogul, the day he lost everything was the day he learned his biggest lesson. 

It taught him that he could overcome anything.

Source: CNBC Africa


Billionaires lose millions to become billionaires.

Millionaires lose thousands to become millionaires.

But the poor don't want to lose anything, so they remain where they are.

The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall. ― Ralph Waldo Emerson

If I fall, I'll fall five feet four inches forward in the fight for freedom. I'm not backing off. ― Fannie Lou Hamer

“When you fall down, rise up. When you fall again, rise up again. This is just a developmental process that makes a healthy baby become a successful man.” ― Israelmore Ayivor

Be Inspired

If You Have A Child At Home Who Is Below 18. Read This!

I was doing a research online about parenting and child behaviors and then i found this post, so i felt the need to share it.

This is from a blog written by a child psychiatrist -

Many of you would be aware by now about what happened to a "class ninth student of gundecha education academy ended her life by jumping from the top floor of the building where she lives with her parent - 2018". Cause is unknown. We are no one to judge her or her family. Family is at loss and so is she. This was two years ago, and this year 2020, we can only imagine how many kids have lost their lives to the cold hands of death by committing suicide. The cause sometimes remains unknown.

"I am jotting down some points that i went through while doing a course on special education and childhood emotional and mental trauma and disorders". - Dr. Chirag Jain.

These are some points every parent should always note and be aware of:

1. A child is prone to depression much more than adults.
2.Till the age of 18, a child can be prone to mental illness , disorders and depression.
3. If a child is showing any kinds of withdrawals , sitting quiet for a long time, dreaming , sudden loss of attention span, too many distractions and not interested in anything, temper tantrums, bouts of anger or crying too easily on petty things, please sit with the child.

4. Take leave from work, go for a vacation. Leave everything and talk to him or her. No need to ask her why is she sad or aloof. Just discuss general things to encourage her to open up. Assure that you are there whatever happens.
5. Don't ask your child to adjust too much to any changes in life. Everyone has a level of adaptability. Let it happen at its pace.

6. No academics is important than your child's mental and physical health.
7. No comparing the child with others rather compare with his/herself. For instance; When you did that test, sang a song, played well last time, we were more happy.
8. Children should play till the age they want to. Play is stress busters. Physical exercise is also a stress buster. If they don't get a chance to play due to less kids or weather, enroll them in some hobby class or pursue a sport.

9. If they like to dance and sing they should do that everyday.
10. Please don't burden them with school homework, engage them, be there with them if you are available. let them see home works as something that will make them better and do well.
11. Talk about everything that we converse at home appropriately based on their level. Let them be aware of life’s dealings.

12. Listen to them too. If they don't want studies for a day or two, please give them that break. Don't force it on them, instead explain the consequences of that break.
13. Allow and encourage them to befriend like minded kids . Let them meet their friends sometimes under supervision. Talk about their friends and their family. Allow child to gauge the nature of her friends so that he or she knows to judge correctly.
14. Probably many of us didn't witness or even heard such incidents because we had plenty of friends to talk and share our thoughts.

15. Nowadays because of growing instances of manhandling, abduction etc. We don't allow them to go down and play on their own. However, we need to make some time for this. playing , having good friends and parental interaction with kids are critical.
16. One of the best way to deal with a child having any addiction like media, bad company, drugs etc is by diverting him or her and keeping them busy with tasks they are interested in.
17. Building up their emotional intelligence and helping to manage their emotions is important.
18. DO NOT HESITATE to take professional help if in doubt or if needed. Do not take things for granted by ignoring.

Ensure you used this post to increase or create more awareness among parents. Every emotional turmoil can be sorted through right intervention and communication.
Life is priceless.


Shared by - Anthony Matthias


(c) I Must Talk Int., 2020.


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This Is The Healthiest Drink After A Good Drinkable Water.

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