JEYDBOY SNL Covers IMT Magazine - Apr/May Edition.

IMT: Hi Jeydboy, it is nice to have you here. Tell us a bit about yourself and your background story? 

JEYDBOY: I am Joseph Seye Anjorin; I’m 27 years old and from Osun state but based in Lagos. I didn’t stay long with my parents, though, because life was so hard; I left home when I was 10. In 2004 I was about to be burnt alive, but God saved me.

IMT: We have seen a bit about your survival story; tell us about it.

JEYDBOY:  I remembered in 2010, I escaped gunshots in Ibadan, also in 2013, I drowned at the beach; it was terrible fighting for my life. I Slept under the bridge of Lagos and Ibadan at some point. I left home because my dad and mom separated, affecting my brother and me. I lived most of my life at Kuramo Beach in Lagos, Nigeria.

IMT: Why music?

JEYDBOY: Music is my passion; I love music so much that I started singing along the road and in Lagos traffic with a guitar.
JEYDBOY:  What inspires you to make music, and how did you start?

JEYDBOY: My mom and what I go through in life inspire me a lot to sing.
IMT: How would you describe your musical style, and what sets you apart from other artists?

JEYDBOY: My style is me, and my sound is unique and inspiring.
IMT: What are the challenges you face as an artiste? 

JEYDBOY: Hmm, the challenges are very tough. Oh, you know, as a street boy, nobody wants to help, so sometimes it’s difficult for me to get money for a studio session.

IMT: What is your creative process like when making music? 

JEYDBOY: Sometimes, listening to people’s music gives me more inspiration to create another magic.
IMT: Do you think your music has reached commercial appeal? 

JEYDBOY: Hmm.. maybe.
IMT: Are you an independent artist? Is being an independent artist more challenging to accept into the music industry? 

JEYDBOY: Yes, I am an independent artist, and yes, It is difficult because independent artists do not have the power to push themselves; the best is to have a team.
IMT: Can you discuss a particularly memorable performance or moment in your music career?

JEYDBOY: In 2017, I performed at a Coca-Cola concert, and one big comedian came out and sprayed me money. One that I can never forget was with D’banj in 2019, I was in the crowd screaming they should give me one minute to sing when Teni, Olamide, and Davido were performing, but no one listened to me; even the Mc said I should get out, what do I want to sing, but then D’banj appeared, and I kept on screaming so he asked if I wanted to come up on stage to sing and I said yes. The name JEYD was given to me by D’banj.

IMT: How have you been able to use your music to influence society?

JEYDBOY: Well, I usually visit hospitals and sing for the sick in the traffic and under the bridge. Some of these are posted on my Instagram page, where I sing for people.
IMT: With the recent happenings in Nigeria, has your approach to making music changed? 

JEYDBOY: It has changed a lot because it is not easy; the economy is affecting many of us. I wish the government could support the music industry.
IMT: Can you brief us about how you made your single ‘Only God’? 

JEYDBOY: I made the song after the video I made when I saw Wizkid. I have gotten a lot of evil talks from people, so I’m just letting them know it’s only God that will let the man win, despite Wizkid not giving me the go-ahead.
IMT: Which artists are you likely to collaborate with soon? 

JEYDBOY: Fireboy, Rema, Tems, and Ayrastar.
IMT: What has been your most significant moment in music so far?

JEYDBOY: My most significant moment in music so far was when D’banj named me on stage. He said I could be Jeyd. Another was when I performed at Tundeednut’s birthday party in Lagos and the Realwarripikin’s show at Cubana Lagos.

IMT: Who are some of your biggest musical influences, and how have they impacted your music?

JEYDBOY: Daremelody, Shola Allyson, Asa, Fela Kuti, Davido, Wizkid, Adekunle Gold and Fireboy. Their music and life story inspired me a lot, you know. 
IMT: How do you handle criticism and negative feedback, and what do you do to stay motivated and focused? 

JEYDBOY: I’d rather stay calm and take time to respond to negative feedback from fans; sometimes, I sip my alcohol and listen to my music to calm my nerves because, these days, it has been challenging and crazy for fans and families.
IMT: Aside from music, do you have any other hustle? Do you run other businesses?

JEYDBOY: I’m a professional barber and a fashion designer. I am looking to loan a car to start Uber soonest.

IMT: What do you hope your music brings to your listeners, and what message do you hope to convey through your art?

JEYDBOY: Message of hope, love, don’t hate anyone, don’t sell your soul for money and fame, and be a giver. 
IMT: How do you balance the creative and business aspects of being a musician, and what advice would you give aspiring artists? 

JEYDBOY: Well, having a team is a good one, but sometimes if you are not in the right place to have a team yet, keep it low and trust God. Never give up on hope and yourself, believe in God alone and always listen to him when he speaks to you.
IMT: Tell us something we don’t know about you. 

JEYDBOY: I slept on the street for years; I ate from the trash to quench hunger on Lagos island. I sold stuff on the Lagos and Ogun state traffic for about 6 years. 
IMT: Before we wrap up, any words for your fans? 

JEYDBOY: I love you all.
Thanks for your time!

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