FlameBoy DNL -"The Nigerian Busker" Covers IMT Magazine August Edition.

I am Ahandji Daniel kelechi also known as Flameboy, I am a singer, a guitarist, and a multi-instrumentalist. I started with music as a singer when I was in primary school and it got more interesting in my secondary school days when I joined the school choir.

I learned how to play the guitar from my friend who was also learning how to play the guitar from his church at that time. After a while, I was able to combine my ability to sing with the guitar skill I had and it was amazing.

I was in a mall on a particular day and I saw a young man busking in the mall, I enjoyed every bit of his display, so I challenged myself and I said I was going to do the same thing. I am going to be a busker on the streets of Lagos, entertaining people and pleasing the neighborhood with good music because I loved the reaction and feeling that came with it. I started by busking at the same location where I saw the young man and after that day we became friends. He started teaching me more about the craft, I got to understand more about busking and outdoor life and it made me a rugged musician.

Currently, I still do my outdoor performances disturbing the neighborhood of Lagos state with good music. I believe my dreams are valid and legacy will never die. 🦅

I have a lot coming through for you guys and I would still set out interesting busking shows on the street of Lagos. I’m currently planning a tour and my first single will be out soon and my first official show is happening this December. 

WATCH FLAMEBOY DNL ON TALK YOUR HUSTLE: Click here: https://youtu.be/Oyl1c5VhGPM?si=UTaWJ_3VotPz0Ix3 📌

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