How Babies Are Named.

I don't know how babies are named in your region, race, tribe, religious group or ethnicity, but i should believe that you must have heard of names such as "Stone" "Wood" "Pebbles", etc. Here in Nigeria, babies are named based on few criteria such as the aforementioned criteria. Most importantly, babies are most times named based on the situation(s) surrounding their birth. You may have all the reasons to be angry with me for making fun of such an intelligent topic, but please, before you bury me, at least just kill me first. 

Now this is how babies are named! Let's go!

"A baby made in the morning is called Monica, in the evening, Evelyn, on the floor, Florence, at the doorstep, Doreen, under the bridge, Bridget, in the car Carol, at midday, Mildred, in a hurry, Harrison, on the mat, Matilda, on the road, Rodah, in a bar, Barbra, if the lady was being forced, Faustina, if the man is guilty, Gilbert and in the bush Buhari." - (This last part in cote was composed by anonymous)


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