Never Give A Man A Job That Doesn’t Belong To Him!

Before you read this post, kindly note that this short article is not meant to cause a form of unnecessary argument, or try initiate a kind of controversial thought, that women or ladies alone are the ones responsible for child cleaning. From my own perspective, i believe both couples should do this together, depending on who is free and all. Although we all know that the ladies are more responsible for a child's a clean up. Now let's find out why? Enjoy!

After 10 years, the wife starts to think their child looks strange so she decides to do a DNA test….

She finds out that the child is actually from completely different parents.
Wife: Honey, I have something very serious to tell you.
Husband: What’s up?
Wife: According to DNA test results, this is not our child.
Husband: Well you don’t remember, do you? When we were leaving the hospital, we noticed that our baby had wet its diapers and you said, “Please go change the baby, I’ll wait for you here.”
That’s when I went inside, got a clean one and left the dirty one there.” lol!

i know you must be laughing really hard right now. Don't forget to share.

#Moral: Never give a man a job that doesn’t belong to him.

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