4 Tips on Being The Best Version of Yourself.

Almost everyone’s end goal is to be successful, rich and famous. So you look up to celebrities and those who have achieved such status and copy them. But what if I tell you that it is all in you?
Yes, everything you seek from others is quite achievable if you only look within and progress to the best version of yourself. This is not a motivational speaker talk about “if you desire to acquire, you would perspire” mumbo jumbo. In this article, you would be dished real facts that can impact your life. If you can stop some certain attitudes, then you would be able to unlock hidden potentials within yourself that you never knew you had. Prepare to unlearn, learn and relearn today. Here we go!!!
  1. Stop being scared of failure
The only way to succeed in life is to try. Try, try and try again. In life, expect more failure than success. That is a salient factor with everyone who you would term successful today; they have all failed woefully at some point in their life. Failure should not discourage you in anyway but instead make you more determined and focused to be better at your dream and eventual goal. Whether it is that scholarship, that job, or that business plan, the only way to get it is to attempt and not be scared of failure.
  1. Dont be cherophobic
Cherophobia is a condition in which people are scared that they would lose all they have gotten and struggled for by being too happy. I know it sounds funny but think about it: have you ever thought “wow, too many good things are happening to me, should I be scared? Doesn’t this mean something bad would soon happen? ”. This is the spirit of cherophobia hindering you from achieving more and enjoying the bliss of your happiness. You need to always be confident, happy and take small wins while preparing for big ones. You should never be scared of success.
  1. Stop people pleasing
Not everyone would like you, and that is totally fine. You do not need everyone to be in your corner at all times . Only a fake person would always say yes, never speak their mind and rather go along with the pack and therefore be liked by everyone. By being fake, you change yourself and are unable to grow and progress as you should. In this case, how do you expect to become your very best??
  1. Stop procrastinating
Yes, we are all on this table. A task/job should be ready tomorrow and we wait the very last minute and opportunity to work on it. This is not the attitude of someone who wishes to progress exceptionally in life. In all things and at all times, you need to put in your best and ensure you can work under a schedule and be focused too.
All in all, being successful and getting the very best out of yourself is easier said than done. Only the few who are ready to go the extra mile with their work and especially their attitudes are able to achieve it. So, why not you?

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