Enough is enough! It's high time we start taking life saving actions to stop or curb this "life sucking" disease Known as CANCER.

Have you ever lost someone close or so dear to you to this "life sucker" ? If you haven't, we pray you don't. It can get really really really bad! You can save yourself, the ones you love and the people around you with this power information and innovation. 
"Knowledge when properly applied is true power." 
According to WHO, “Cancer is the second leading cause of death globally. Globally, about 1 in 6 deaths is due to cancer.”

The health organisation also records that approximately 70% of deaths from cancer occur in low- and middle-income countries, of which Nigeria is one.

In Nigeria, according to the National Cancer Control Plan (2018–2022), cancer is responsible for 72,000 deaths in Nigeria every year, with an estimated 102,000 new cases of cancer annually.

Also, based on the above document, the mortality ratio of cancer in Nigeria when compared to other nations is really high because, for example, 19% of all breast cancer cases in the US result in death, this percentage is 51% in Nigeria.

Breast cancer is the most common incident of cancer among women and prostate cancer is the most common among men in Nigeria.

According to Global Cancer Observatory 2018 (Globocan), Nigeria recorded 115 950 cases of cancer. 22.7% of that was diagnosed of breast cancer, 12.9% were diagnosed of cervical cancer, 11.3% were diagnosed of prostate cancer, 5.8% were diagnosed of colorectum cancer, 4.6% were diagnosed of Non-Hodgkin lymphoma and 42.7% were diagnosed of other cancers types.

Basically, what this means is that breast cancer and cervical cancer are the most common cases generally.

Therefore, the number of women diagnosed with cancer is higher than that of men.
The OCI Foundation introduces the OCI CERVI-BREAST APP.

About this app:
It's a reminders app and displays information about different cancers.

It is a unique, innovative, life-saving & engaging app for breast and cervical cancer prevention.

•It has monthly reminders and videos
•It is Interactive, educative and informative.

Information for monthly reminders will be set up as soon as the person answers questions on things like:
1. Date of last menstrual period?
2. Are the periods regular or not?
3. Age/Date of birth
4. Whether breastfeeding or not?
5. Whether periods have ceased or not?
Once this information are known, the app will set monthly reminders to perform a test.

This is a rich App that contains life-saving information and demonstrations on preventive tips for breast and cervical cancers. It has only just been released, but it's unique features are already standing out. Released: 2019

 It is on your favorite App/Play store, we urge you to go and download it now! Cancer is a very serious virulent disease that needs attention. Early detection of symptoms can save ones life. 

With the OCI cervi-breast app, you can learn more about different cancers, most especially cervical and breast cancer for our girls/ladies/women, and how we as a people (men & women) can protect ourselves from this malignant disease. Share it with your families, friends and everyone around you. Save a life today! Learn from OCI cervi-breast app.
Click the link below to download this great app 👇
GO TO >>> www.ocifoundation.org to learn more about this great Foundation.
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Sources: WHO | Accredited Health Organization (Websites)
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