5 Ways To Stay Safe Incase A Peaceful Protest Turns Violent Or During A Civil unrest.

Protests are meant to be peaceful, however, there are cases when unscrupulous people hijack peaceful protests and endanger the lives of both protesters and passersby.

When situations like this happen, there are steps to take in order to ensure you are totally safe. Below are some steps to take to ensure safety according to Times Now:

Remain calm

Riots and protest can often result in volatile emotions and in case things go bad, you will have a tough time trying to think rationally. In such a scenario, it becomes vital to remain calm and focused to safely exit from the escalating situation. Remember, panicking increase stress which can be harmful in such a situation. The most favourable way would be to walk on foot and avoid confrontation with anyone during the protest.

Plan your movement

Planning your next move is a must during a protest, find assistance if possible. If you are not alone, stick with your family members/friends and try to move together. Reassure all your family members and friends so that there is a sense of calm in your group and the subsequent actions are better thought out.

Avoid using oils and lotions

Teargas is the most commonly used weapon during riots. Always avoid using oils and lotions, as it will absorb the gas. If there is the use of teargas, quickly wet your handkerchief using any bottle or source of water around you and cover your nose. Breathe as slowly as possible and remember it is a temporary weapon. Keep your head down or if possible wear a helmet to protect yourself.


Some protests or riots end up in a day but, some of them continue for days. In such a situation always carry essentials like a pepper spray, water, handkerchief and a small first-aid kit. These essential items can help you in a hostile situation.

Always have friends around

Avoid going to protests alone, with friends around you, it is easier making the right decisions. Also, you will always have someone to help you in case of health emergencies.

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