10 Highly Profitable Soft Skills To Earn A Passive Or Active Income.

Owo ni Koko! Yes, money is very important and getting it the right way is importanter. Therefore, our post today would be discussing legit and skillful ways to make money and be successful with or without a degree. Through some skills, in which most can be learnt within 3-6 months, the returns are usually impressive. So, these skills can be practiced with your main job as a side hustle (passive income) or as your main job itself (active income).

Actually, do you know that an increasing number of graduates have abandoned their certificates for soft skill jobs and they do not regret their decision? In fact, they are trying to get other people to see the light. Well, we are here to tell you the most profitable skills where you can make a passive or active income. In no particular order, they are

1)         Haircutting: For a guy, part of looking fresh has to do with your hairstyle. And learning how to cut hair is very easy. All you have to do is to meet with someone who cuts hair, let him take you under his wings and tutor you. Then you get a good location and open up your store. Voila! This business can be highly profitable as long as you have the right skills and can keep your customers coming back.

2)         Fashion designing: The ladies and men always have to dress nicely to every occasion so fashion designing is a business that would certainly thrive well. Like haircutting, get a good teacher and after your training pick a nice location and watch your income grow. You may be interested in knitting or bead making- those are also very profitable.

3)         Web designing: This can be learnt under 3 to 12 months from a certified training school, and you get a certificate at the end. If you become very good at this skill, it can open a lot of doors for you than you ever expected.

4)         Catering: A lot of events require food to be served and if you have the passion for cooking and putting taste buds on fire, then catering at events may just be for you.

5)         Graphic designing: Like web designing, this can be learnt from a training school and is very lucrative in the long run and especially if you are very proficient.

6)         Makeup services: Just like fashion designing, make up services are required at almost every event. A typical bride wants her highlights to be seen from 50km away and she would be willing to pay good money to anyone who helps her achieve that.

7)       Photography: Memories are always needed in all celebrations and photography can never go out of style. Couple with videography and you would make a sizeable amount from every occasion you cover.

8)         Hairdressing: Back to the ladies, glamming up is always vital and your hair is one of the focal points at all times. Hairdressing can make sure you pimp other ladies up and make cool cash in the process. Whether it’s by making natural hair, fixing or even creating wigs; hairdressing can be very profitable.

9)    Phone repairing: Everyone has a phone now o. Whether its Nokia 3310 or the unreleased iPhone, we all have phones and use them for so many things that it feels like our boyfriend/girlfriend. So, having an issue with your phone is always traumatic. Imagine repairing phones for the population in any area of the country. This is a viable business plan because there would always be customers. Also, you can diversify and learn more about other devices e.g. laptops so you can make more money.

1    Freelancing: This is my personal favourite because it makes working from home very possible. With freelancing sites e.g. Fiverr, you can work when you are free and you would find a community where a lot of products and services are exchanged. You may even earn in dollars and work for foreigners in the comfort of your bed. How about that?

Overall, you should realize that these jobs may not bring plenty of profit initially but certainly would with long practice and focus. Also, you should only go for what you want and can foresee yourself enjoying to prevent being sad in the long run. So, there is no excuse for not making that money or doing anything illegal. Pick up at least one of these skills, focus on it or add it to your main job and watch yourself flourish!!

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