8 Fun Places To Visit in Nigeria During The Holidays.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year again as streets and trees are lit up with green and red lights. The sweet sounds of Christmas carols blaring from loudspeakers give the atmosphere a festive vibe that only the strong harmattan breeze of mid to late December can attest to. Everyone is thinking of fun places to visit for Christmas. Will you be traveling home or going on a Christmas outing with your family?

The strong urge to finish up the year’s targets and earn as much as possible to flex a very “Detty December” also hangs heavy in the air. Amid all the yuletide “chaos”, it is very easy to forget the primary purpose of the holiday, which is to connect with loved ones while celebrating the birth of Christ. You don’t have to spend too much to have lots of fun this Christmas.

Having said that, one of the best ways to connect with loved ones is by visiting fun places and creating memories together. While that might seem like a discouraging option to some, there are cost-effective hangout spots all over Nigeria that are sure to keep you and your loved ones thoroughly entertained this season.

1. Lekki Conservation Center

Not everyone likes to visit loud or rowdy places for fun. Some people prefer a quiet, conservative atmosphere where they can just bond with nature as they bond with their loved ones. 

Located on Lagos-Epe Expressway, LCC is a wonderful place to spend quality time with your loved ones this Christmas season. The nature park grants access to all and sundry at a very low price and promises a world of adventure. With just a thousand naira, you are granted access to the longest suspended canopy walkway in Africa. 

You also get to enjoy viewing a rich wildlife experience because of the diversity in the region’s coastal ecosystem that has been preserved for over thirty years by the Nigerian Conservation Foundation (NCF).

The 22 feet high tower climb provides you with a 360 view of the entire region so you can enjoy the full spectacle and beauty of the nature reserve. Not to mention the life-sized chess board and pieces at the bottom. It is also an interesting sight that you don’t want to miss.

2. Kajuru Castle

In the mood for some fairytale prince/ damsel in distress magic? The Kajuru Castle is just the right fix for you!

Kajuru castle was built and established in 1978 by a German expatriate called Burg Heinrichswalde. Located in Kajuru, Kaduna village, the castle is one of the most luxurious resorts and commercial villas in the northern part of Nigeria.

Its exclusivity stems from the fact that it can only accommodate twelve individuals or five couples at a time. This will give you the space and privacy to enjoy the holiday season with your loved ones without interference.

The serene atmosphere features an open courtyard with a magnificent large swimming pool and pool chairs, plus a barbecue area complete with an outdoor oven, combined with side attractions like gorgeous peacocks and a live crocodile to create an out of this world experience for anyone who visits the resort.

It is also noteworthy to mention that the castle has been used by various famous music artists to shoot their music videos. Imagine standing on a rooftop where Teni sang “Power Rangers” or where Mayorkun, The Mayor of Lagos, sang “Sade”? Crazy right? 

The architectural beauty also features a baronial hall, complete with suits of armor and an ambiance that only nature in its quintessential form can provide.

This is most definitely a fun time spot you don’t want to miss out on!

3. Obudu Cattle Ranch

This is one landmark that announces itself with ease. Just as its name suggests, Obudu Cattle Ranch is a tourist center that features nature at its finest. The picturesque view of the savannah and mountain view create an aura of peace and tranquility that is perfect for the whole family. 

The resort also features the longest cable car in Africa, which is about 4km long and extends from the bottom of the mountain to the top, providing you with an unparalleled view of nature’s beauty.

Side attractions like bonfires, night club, golf courses, water slides, and even horseback riding, make a trip down to Obudu Cattle Ranch an unforgettable experience that promises a truly festive Christmas. You want to make that call.

4. Tinapa Leisure Resort

Located in the Calabar Free Trade Zone, in the heart of Cross River state, Tinapa Leisure Resort is one hot spot you don’t want to miss out on. Wanna know why? The reasons are endless!

Tinapa Leisure Resort is a base for both business and fun activities. From casinos to restaurants, an amphitheater, pubs, children’s arcade, an eight-screen cinema,  and various shopping outlets that you could get almost anything, ranging from Christmas lights to electronic gadgets in both retail and wholesale, Tinapa Resort has you covered.

If you will be in Calabar this Christmas, Tinapa Resort is a sure place to visit because there is something for everyone. It’s a great place for kids, and couples are not left out in all the fun of course. You might also want to check out the ever-colorful Calabar festival. You are sure to have a swell Christmas!

5. Nike Art Gallery & Terra Kulture

If you are into arts and culture, Nike Art Gallery in Lekki and Terra Kulture in VI are two art centers you want to check out in Lagos this Christmas. 

Nike Art Gallery is situated in Ikate roundabout in Lekki. It is home to various paintings and artworks of artists from various parts of Africa and the world at large. If you are in search of a serene environment to enjoy the beauty of art in Lagos, Nike Art Gallery is definitely one stop you want to make.

Terra Kulture is another art sanctuary that welcomes lovers of art and culture. Located in Victoria Island, Lagos, the privately owned recreational and educational centre is home to lots of information on Nigerian and African heritage. It also owns a mini library where all of this information is stored for your curious mind to consume.

Ready to go on a journey into Africa’s beauty and culture represented in art this Christmas? Then you should pay Nike Art Gallery and Terra Kulture a visit this season with your loved ones.

6. Rufus & Bee

Now, I know I have been mentioning a lot of nature parks, serene environments, tranquility, arts and culture, resorts, and the likes but it’s time for some real fun. 

If you need an arcade home to spend time gaming with your loved one, Rufus and Bee is an arcade house that is situated on Remi Olowude Road, Lekki 2nd roundabout, by Lekki Leisure/ark event center, Lagos State. Here, you can have immense fun gaming with your kids or significant other. 

One of the gaming center’s side attractions is a sports bar and an American met-tex restaurant. The arcade also features fun activities like bowling, shooting, dancing, and over a hundred exciting arcade games for whatever taste you have.

7. Le Meridien Ibom Hotel & Golf Resort

Just as each fingerprint is distinct and unique in its rights, people’s tastes and their idea of fun also differs. While some people love to go out during Christmas and engage in outdoor activities, others enjoy the peace of being indoors and just cuddling their partners or receiving spa treatment in a luxurious hotel. 

If you fall under the second category and you are in Akwa Ibom, you will want to check out Le Meridien Ibom Hotel & Golf Resort. It is just the right fix for those that need all the pampering they can get from the stress of living in Nigeria.

Le Meridien Ibom Hotel & Golf Resort is located at Nwaniba Road, PMB 1200, 021189, Uyo, Akwa Ibom. The hotel is known to own a world-class golf course with elegant lodgings, dining, and services. Le Meridien is surely one of the best holiday destinations this season. The resort holds several amazing activities, tasty cuisines, and lots of attractions to suit the needs of anyone wanting a nice weekend or week-long getaway.

8. Abraka Turf And Country Club

Abraka Turf and Country Club is a private country club known for its magnificent portrayal of nature in all of its beauty and grace. In the mood for an elitist treatment? Then this is surely the place to be this holiday season. 

The turf features luxuriant vegetation, an aquatic environment, clear waters, and abundant tropical rainforest. The country club also provides robust activities to keep adults and children entertained and engaged on Christmas day.

Located on the planes of the Delta coastline, Abraka Turf and Country Club is a savannah haven where you can just relax and enjoy first-class lodging, catering services, kayaking, swimming  horseback riding, fishing, and canoeing in the crystal clear river the resort provides for clients with diverse budgets.

No matter your budget, there is always something for you to have the best relaxation experience in Abraka Turf and Country Club.

Now that we have gone through eight amazing places to visit this season, don’t tell me you still want to lock yourself indoors singing “Feliz Navidad”? Why don’t you go out and take the gang with you, so you can have a very merry Christmas indeed?

If you know other interesting places to visit in Nigeria this season, you can let us know by dropping your comment in the comments section. Do have a merry Christmas and a prosperous new year!


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