Rise Up Nigeria! let's Take Our Future Back.

Recent happening in our dear country Nigeria is indicative of a bleak future for our mother land. The polity, religion and the economy has not helped matters. Politicians brazenly throw their  'my interest first' in our face and we accept it or seem lost as to how to handle it. Purported men of God rip the people off and brain wash them. The last hope of man has become his greatest slave driver. The economy is worse than it was met . Even a new born knows that. How do we detangle ourselves from these chains of woes. This time I don't think the answer is blowing in the wind . It's actually in our hands already. Women nurture ! Women raise generations! Women defy all odds! Women don't chicken out! Women are averse to evil!
Why then are our women looking on while generations born and unborn are destroyed? Why has the mother hen suddenly lost her protective instinct? Who/what has bewitched our women? You let ill gotten wealth, power, prestige, being the first lady in all levels rob you of your primary assignment. Remember that apart from accounting for it before God(if you are a believer), posterity will judge you. Women , your children listen to you. Take back your role now and begin to speak to your young. It's not too late to redirect the country to it's expected route. The elections are coming. Youths, it is your future that is being mortgaged if you do not wake up from your apathy to politics and family. Let your vote count. It has been said a million times but it's seems the small bags of salt, rice, flour and a few naira notes and the N10,000 given in some state as LOAN for petty traders has made us think of today alone.Tomorrow is pregnant and filled with great and beautiful things. Why abort the pregnancy for cubes of sugar. They are not good for your health. We have been impoverished in order to keep us perpetually subservient to them. Do you know their children have all they want at the tip of their fingers? We can have the same if we take back our future.
"My people chose kings, but they did it on their own. They appointed leaders, but without my approval. They took their silver and gold and made idols for their own destruction." - Hosea 8:4.
"Not all leaders are from God."

Photo Credit: AFP/Getty Images.
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