Good Girl Gone Bad - Olomoge Askamaya.

She used to be a religious girl,
She used to be a spiritual being,
She used to be a good girl, but what happened.
Maybe she got influenced by the current trend in the society,
Maybe she was intimidated by peer pressure,
Maybe her parents weren’t paying attention anymore,
Maybe they got carried away by family issues, money matters, bills and other responsibilities,
And she felt home was no longer safe anymore.
She needed someone to talk to,
She needed help.

She talked to complain every time she had the opportunity to talk to her parents,
But instead she got blocked and shouted back at for not using her senses,
She was blasted with words for not being strong.
You need to be a strong woman they say, you need to get hold of yourself,
I’m trying, but sometimes i loose it and i don’t just know how or what's going on anymore, she said.
She always reply with her words and attitude, but no one pays attention.
Go to the church and pray, they replied.
She needed help.

She went to her good and close friends to seek for help,
They tried but they soon got tired.
They told her that they also have their own problems to deal with.
She needed help.
Talk to a religious person, a leader or lifestyle coach,
But instead she became a perfect example, a lab rat, an appropriate tool for their ungodly ministries. hmm!
She was talked about and she was used to preach to other people,
They took advantage of her… I mean beyond being used for other household or religious purposes, she was sexually abused. Damn it!
She got tired, she had gotten so depressed.
Until she found a man who she thought was the love of her life.
Just picture how the story ended.
 If you can’t, just create one or imagine a sad story of love with a bad ending, but sweet in the middle.
She dealt with her situation for a long time,
She had gone beyond being depressed, traumatized, emotionally down, mentally and psychologically derailed,
Until she made new friends.

They were her BFF-
They had similar or almost the same experiences, they could relate easily, some where from the ghetto, some where just beautiful rich kids gone bad... If you listen to their stories, you'll probably understand why shit happens. Damn! The society is messed up. 
You can only connect and work with who you can flow, relate or vibe with, isn’t that what they say?
She was seeing at the clubs and what’s up parties.
She was reported to her family, and the other day she was found smoking kush la la la... she ran away from home finally to embrace her new love, her lifestyle and her new family.
She needed to survive,
She needed to do something for a living. She did what she had to do.
She got supper famous for blowing jobs somewhere at Allen Avenue in Lagos. she is now popularly known as”Olomoge Askamaya.” Now i am supper scared for the lives out there, because i heard from a close source that she's moving to a new location soon to destroy more lives. The lives of those who couldn't resist her sexual temptation and manipulation in exchange for the kpa and gbola. She's addicted. - Good Girl Gone Bad - Olomoge Askamaya.

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