The Story Of Melody - Faith Akintoroye.

My name is Faith Akintoroye, CEO of Faith Beauty Studio. Aside been a CEO am also a model, mother, wife and a beautician. The journey so far, been a mother has been a wonderful, interesting, and has been a beautiful experience. But before all this beautiful, I want to take you on my journey been a mother. It all began in 2015 April 25th. When I married the man of my dreams, the best thing heaven blessed me with. I am blessed, truly I am. After wedding what next? It is expected to return after nine months with a baby. But mine was exceptional. I deliberately stayed for six months before I had a child, because I was afraid about the all idea of getting pregnant, going through the process and child bearing as a whole. I have seen women go through so much pains and agony and I was not prepared yet; physically, spiritually and other_wise. But after six month of staying , it was now dawn on me I wanted a baby after answering series of question. So we did the needful and I became pregnant. Few weeks to been pregnant I became very sick to the point I cannot even eat. I went through this process till five month; until one day I obeyed the call in church that every pregnant women should wait. So we were given  a book super_natural child birth free of charge. I love reading, so when I got home I read the book,and I was really blessed by it, and it changed my whole mentality about been pregnant. I was totally healed of all my sickness and I began to go about my business. I was so strong that I went to work 2 days to my delivery. Now before my show came, a sign that the baby is ready to come. I was told by my doctor I cannot give birth naturally because my baby was bridged. I have to go through a surgery. But I told him that she will change her position that I believe. But he was not convinced because according to him babies don't change after 35weeks and I was already 38weeks. But he let me go home because I insisted so he didn't book me for surgery. When I left the hospital, I told myself I will go to another hospital for another scan and I will bring it to my hospital because EDD( expectant date of delivery) was end of June so I thought I had a lot of time. Later that evening I woke up to pray in the middle of the night reminding God why I will not give birth through surgery. The lord answered me because I felt hardness at my lower abdomen . On the 11th of June 2016 I decided to stay at home because I observe I wasn't feeling too strong enough to go to my studio. Then in the cool of the day I sat on my bed and I saw a show. Slim erring like urine. I told my husband this is the sign, the baby is coming. So we went to the hospital. Fortunately my doctor was there. On seeing me he asked what brought me. I told him the signs and he said you can't go through labor. Your baby is bridged he said, and then I told him let's do another scan to be sure but he said the people in charge has closed. After a long argument the medical team prepared the theater for surgery. At this point I decided to be calm because it was already late to go to another hospital for a second scan. In their preparation, the surgeon came and God work through him because he decided to do a check on me, after cross checking he also felt the hardness on my lower abdomen. A sign that shows the baby has changed. So he went further to conduct a scan on me. To the amazement of all she has changed her position, she was now heads down. A position that shows she can be born naturally. Having passed the first phase, it was now left for my pelvic to determine if I can give birth naturally or surgery will have to happen. Hmmmm I thought to myself. So when I was examined, it was confirmed my pelvic was too small to allow natural birth. But God been God worked through the doctor. He decided to give me a try. I stayed all through Saturday till Sunday been 12th. Labour still was not frequent, so I was induced. After been induced, I was only dilated to 2cm, then my water broke. After my water broke I was only dilated to 4cm. At this point I was in serious pains that I can not even describe in writing. But every mum reading this, will understand. At this point all the doctors, midwives, and nurses around left. I was still given six more hours to go. Because I can only give birth when I dilate to 10cm. Then I demanded for surgery because I just wanted to forget the pain. Then my husband replied me has your God forgotten you ? I said no. Then he replied why demand for surgery at this point, then I said I cannot continue in this pain....ahh beautiful memories, like I said earlier he is heavens' blessings to me. He was with me all through the entire process. Joke with me, made fun of me, gave me everything I requested for but I tell you it wasn't good enough. I just wanted to forget the pains. So he went home too cos six hours is quite long. In less than an hour I felt a push in my pelvic, I told my mother In-law and she sent for one of the nurse. At first she did not believe, but when she came she saw my baby was already heads down. Still they did not prepare for delivery. They rushed to do it because my baby was already pushing and I had no choice to push when the urge comes. Glory be to God the delivery room was prepared and my baby was born.  A beautiful baby girl. And was named miracle by the doctor that took her delivery. When my doctor saw me he said madam you did it, then I replied God did it ... Oh yes he still does miracle. Praise be to his name. We name her melody afterwards.

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I Must Talk biz (Tv Special) Interview session with Faith Akintoroye (@Faithbeautystudio). As she tells us about her journey to being a professional makeup artist.

Faith Akintoroye | I Must Talk Biz (Interview - Tv Special)

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