How To Make The Most Out Of Your Holidays (Christmas Edition).

Season Greetings to you from all of us at I Must Talk Int. We wish you all the best in this wonderful and blissful season.

It's the season of good tidings, the season to share, care and merry. It is a season usually accompanied by snow drops, cold: The winter or harmattan season. But hey guys! ''me i no go lie una,'' it's really hot out here. I'm currently in Lagos, Nigeria and it still feels like the middle of the year. I don't know if it's just me that is feeling the heat alone oo or it's just the general situation here in Lagos state, Nigeria. Kindly let me know how the situation is in your zone, city, state or county. Is it hot, warm or cold? How bad is it?
Can you feel that chill? Can you feel that joy? Because ‘tis the season to be jolly. We are approaching Christmas again and we are all oh so excited!!! *screams*

The Christmas period is filled with a lot of holidays, time to travel and being with your loved ones. Even though it is a time off work for most of us, it doesn’t mean we should live abandoning and not developing ourselves. Every second is an opportunity to be our best and we can achieve it even while resting. So, how exactly can we make the most out of the upcoming Christmas holiday while still resting and having fun?

1) Plan for the season
If you have a lot of events, traveling and shows for the holiday, the best thing to do at the beginning of the holiday is to sort them all out. Add these events on your calendar or record them all in a journal. By doing this, you would be better prepared for any challenges that may occur with scheduling, plan better on how you can be at as many events as possible and have a clear head for all the upcoming events. Just because it is a holiday does not mean you should be disorganized. Alright? So, next...

2) Be prepared
Are you traveling? Staying with the family? Whatever the case may be, it is important to note that the holiday is not very long. The only way to make the most out of it is through thorough preparations. For every event, trip or outing you plan to have, you should have a checklist of what is required. You can then use your checklist to ensure ultimate preparedness. For example, if you plan to go mountain climbing, then you should have your mountain boots, sun shades, water bottle, a backpack filled with supplies, etc. Having these materials beforehand would ensure you can have more time for other things. Also, you would not be stressed and running around at the last minute.

3) Find time to relax
It is very easy to get caught up in so many activities and shows, but as we all know “body no be firewood”. On that note, you need to have “off” days; i.e. rest days. If not you would get so tired and instead of enjoying your holiday, get burnt out. you don’t want to spend your time treating exertion instead of holidaying, right? So be proactive and rest as much as possible to avoid that scenario playing out.
On this note, you should also remember to remain healthy- physically, mentally and socially. You should still try to maintain your exercise routines and eat as healthily as possible ( I know this would be hard but let’s try, okay?)

4) Take lots of pictures
This article is trying to teach you how to squeeze time out of no time. And what better way to mess with time than by freeing it? Yes, enjoying and making the most out of your break involves savoring the memories. There would be good, bad and unexpected ones and your job is to ensure these memories have a place in history by saving them. In this way, you have optimized your holiday even for the future.
So, friends, let us go out and plan and effectively prepare for the upcoming holidays. Hit us up in the comment box with your plans for the holiday and we would get right back at you.

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