Live Before You Leave: A Letter To All Nigerians.

Dear all,

There is no doubt, things are tough in Nigeria today. To enjoy a healthy living, it takes the grace of God. At times like this, we need God to overcome all tough situations, and to live in peace and happiness. Be satisfied with the little you have, spend wisely and buy only what you really need to make you healthy. Avoid Conflicts of any form, many people are angry, frustrated and ready to kill at any little provocation, patience is key. Ignore trouble as much as possible, and learn to say sorry.

"Men control your anger, we know how hard it is to make ends meet, please don't take it out on your family, let your home be a peaceful place. Be grateful for your health. Don't give yourself hypertension, so leave all kinds of "wahala" alone.

Women, endure with your husband. Don't  complain about everything. Show love and be affectionate as much as you can. You are stronger, and only real men know this. Be a good mother, and try to always create fun to ease tension." Again, You are stronger and we believe in you.

To the YOUths, ensure you do the right thing always. Support and encourage yourselves. You are the leaders of tomorrow, to experience or see the kind of positive growth or changes you want in our country, we need to unite and stand as one. Do not engage in illegal activities. We all know the present situation of the country, we know what we've been dealing with. Apart from the current Corona virus pandemic, we know that the country is still fighting all forms of corruption, let's not take advantage of the countrys' present state as an excuse to indulge in bad acts that may or will jeopardize the future of Nigeria or ours. Remain optimistic and keep looking for ways to better or improve yourselves. Share positive and important messages every time you have the chance to. I could go on and me we all understand. What ever your hustle is, keep it real and keep growing. Don't be intimidated, don't get greedy, just keep moving.

My dear Nigerians, your health is very important, eat well prepared healthy diets with varieties of fruits. Millions of people are receiving treatments at home or abroad, for one sickness or the other, some people can't afford to pay their medical bills, while some are left to face their fate simply because they can't be treated or cured of whatever illness, sickness or diseases they have.

Above all, pray, be grateful and be happy always. Share happiness and spread love. Nothing in life lasts forever, so "don't spend your entire life making a living that you forget to give back to life."
A balanced life is the best life and whoever says you're irreplaceable is lying to you. I know this may be a little difficult to achieve, but try to live a less pressured or less stressful lifestyle as much as you can. Take life one day at a time, "No be everybody go dey rich like dangote, but all of us fit dey okay and be successful." Life is like exam questions, if you are having a problem understanding one question move to the next one. Don't get stuck in one chapter of your book of life. Move on!
Winners don't quit but they surely take breaks. Don't spend your entire life trying to open one door. If it refuses to open, then maybe it's not your door, try another. The fact that certain aspect of your life is not working as planned doesn't mean your whole life has to be on hold. Your time here is limited, spend it wisely. A wise hunter with just one bullet doesn't shoot anyhow. That a person is learner-ed doesn't mean that the person is wise. Think deeply and pray for wisdom.

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You may find yourself in so many tough situations or conditions, if you can change it, goodluck, and If you can't, don't waste time worrying and complaining about it, " just let go and let God."

"Never give the management of your life to those who cannot manage their own life properly. Be careful not to be fooled spiritually by fake, demonic and possessive spiritual leaders or masters. To be spiritually fooled is to be spiritually foolish. Be careful when someone who cannot hear his or her own voice tells you he or she is hearing from GOD."

Happiness is a choice not a destination, you must always travel with it. A situation and a problem are two different things don't mix both.
Happiness is a present tense, not a future tense. You can delay your gratification but your happiness should never be postponed.
Always do your best but never ever forget to take a rest, because whoever refuses to rest will eventually be laid to rest and people will tell the person to rest in peace. What is your purpose? Your life, your choices. 
Stop Existing And Start Living! 
Live Before You Leave!
Stay safe and protect yourself at all times.
Exerpts from: Unknown
Written by: Anthony Nnamdi O.

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