A Need For Humanity.

I suddenly realized the beauty of relationship as I studied the current unfolding of events in the world today.  

What am I talking about? Well, in case you are one of those asking this question, I will consider it comical. It means you are not here and existing in this world. Possibly, you are alien. Lol!

I am talking of nothing else, but the award winning 'Novel Corona Virus -- otherwise known as the COVID --19. Whoever came up with these names, sure has a game plan. The fact that we have taken the pain to call a disease 'Novel' is truly amazing. 

What is Novel about a virus that spread like hell and is killing people. So far the figures have climbed -- both carriers and casualties. 

I am not keen about how the disease started: if it was invented, manufactured, packaged, and even distributed. What I am particularly interested in, is the toll it is having on today's world.    

Really we can say by this one major event that truly the world is a global village. Just yesterday we were enjoying the spoils of technology: business, interaction, education, health, even on a virtual footing.

And today, it is even obvious that we have not built protective boundaries. What affect one nation can spread like wild fire and affect another nation. No one is immune. 

The gains of a global world is attractive, and here too, the Corona Virus may be of the same consequence. If we have enjoyed the relationship of a global society, then we could equally tolerate the consequence of staying as a global society. 

But what is more painful is the fact that the beauty of human relationship may have been altered as we know it in times to come. 

To curtail the spread of the plague, human interaction must be checkmated. Instead, we will encourage a more animated kind of existence. What lesson does this holds for us, and how did we get here?

Life is a changing phase. This is obvious in all of human history. Our generation may be experiencing one of the greatest changes of all times -- that which may redefine the way we deal and relate with fellow humans. And this experience may not be in favor of traditionally accepted ways of relating with others from different nations and races. 

And if there is anything we should safe guard, it will be the need to save Our Humanity. A need to value those handshake; a need to value that body contact, a need to stand close and feel the warm breath of the other. But we may have lost these in our time, as we may just have rehearsed what it means to keep the other at some distance.  

This is the time to reach out more; to affect others in more positive ways. Share what you know that will help at a time like this; encourage others with your support no matter how small. 

Show someone you care!
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