7 Things Nigerians Are Fond of During The Christmas Season.

Jingle bells, jingle bells, Christmas is in the air and upon us.

Even though it is celebrated all around the world, we Nigerians have a special way of celebrating the holidays with some of the things we say and do.

1. Refer to everything we eat during the season as “Christmas rice and chicken.” 

According to some Nigerians, they say Christmas rice tastes better even when we all know that a poorly prepared rice won't still taste good because it is Christmas, but it all vibes. Do you agree?

2. Throw ''bangers and knockouts'' (fireworks).

One of the tell-tale signs of the Christmas holidays in Nigeria is the loud sounds/noise of fireworks and knockouts popularly known as ‘bangers’. Excited children, youths and some adults take to the streets to light up fireworks and throw bangers in spectacular ways.

3. Go out to fast food restaurants and amusement parks during the holidays with a special vibe.

It is the ShopRite outing for us, we should try new places please. 

4. Wear special and beautiful outfits and call them “Christmas and new year cloths.”

For many Nigerians, Christmas holidays is the time to travel back to our villages, towns and native lands to celebrate the festivities with family members we rarely see. Christmas holidays offers some of the best family reunion experiences.

Nigerians are kinder to each other during the holidays: Families and organizations take time out during the holidays to share good cheer, give out gifts to each other and the less privileged. Some people also organize causes and donation points for others.


5. Christmas parties and carnivals.

Oh, the most lit parties happen at Christmas time. From carols to street carnivals to concerts, you are bound to have the utmost time of your life during the holidays.


Oops! Number 6 and 7 points are missing, kindly add them if you are a Nigerian and you know the Christmas vibes. Let us know some other things you know Nigerians are fond of during the Christmas season.

What are you doing this Christmas Talkers? We would love to know!


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