This Is Not Just About COVID-19! Staying Safe Should Be A Lifestyle.

"The safety of the people shall be the highest law." - Marcus Tullius Cicero

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Since the COVID 19 pandemic outbreak, the term #staysafe have become synonymous with COVID-19. •
We the I MUST TALK Initiative Team decided to send this particular message across to inform people to keep staying safe and to protect themselves always, as we all know that we are faced with or exposed to so many life threatening situation and conditions everyday. We all know that It's better a thousand time safe than once dead.

Our #staysafe initiative is not centered alone on the ravaging COVID 19 but across all other areas of our individual lives.

You will agree with us that road accidents and domestic accidents still happen, other diseases too are not asleep, for example in DR Congo the Ebola Virus had killed two people last month (April) amidst the COVID 19, terrorist group are still operating in countries prominent among these countries is Afghanistan, where just yesterday 27 people were killed in Kabul.

We are indeed in strange and extraordinary times, where #staysafe has become a way of life, let's not only channel our safety towards COVID 19 but also to other areas of our life. In Indian a man had died of electrocution in Mumbai while cleaning a swimming pool.

In conclusion, the message here is to keep safe from all harm. You might be staying safe from COVID-19 but get affected by another things you probably neglected.

Let's all keep safe people, safety first is safety always. -- TEAM-I MUST TALK

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